Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Computing
    1. Overview:
      Cloud computing is a online form of computing (Web 2.0 in fact) where users can access applications via a browser, while the application is installed and stored (as well as the data) on a server. Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network (typically the Internet)
      Cloud computing is an application that would allow candidates to log into a Web-based service which hosts all the programs the user would need for his or her job. Remote machines owned by another company would run everything from e-mail to word processing to complex data analysis programs. It's called cloud computing, and it could change the entire computer industry. 
      Users access cloud computing using networked client devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Some of these devices - cloud clients - rely on cloud computing for all or a majority of their applications so as to be essentially useless without it. Examples include web-based email like Gmail and Hotmail, communication tools like Skype, video sites like YouTube and Vimeo and music-sharing sites such as SoundCloud. 
      The Intercloud[37] is an interconnected global "cloud of clouds"[38][39] and an extension of the Internet "network of networks" on which it is based 
      Advantages of Cloud Computing
      Mobility Like most networks it allows users to connect even without their own computers.  Shared Resources A key component of cloud computing is that companies share resources. With cloud computing, this allows them all to have access to the resources via cloud computing. 
      No Downloads The users do not need to download anything, so that saves time and hard drive space for users. They just need to log onto server Automatically Updated Owners no longer need to hire people to update more than one server. Cloud computing enables users to store files and software remotely, rather than on a hard drive or server at their office.
      Cloud computing can be very quick and easy to get up and running. 
      The audience for this course is MCA,BCA,B.Sc(IT),M.Sc(IT),B.Sc,B.Tech or B.E(Any Branch),O Level, A Level.
      Duration: 48 Hrs. 

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